Spanish Classes in Alicante at Soho English Language School

If you live in Alicante or are just visiting for a holiday and you are interested in learning or improving your level of Spanish, Soho English language school also offers Spanish classes tuaght by qualitifed and experienced native Spanish teachers.

Most of our studentrs request individual Spanish classes but  we also offer Spanish classes for groups.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our Spaniosh classes.

Further information regarding our Spanish classes


– Private Spanish classes / private tuition: pack 10 classes, € 15 / hour.

– Classes are adapted to the learning needs of each student

Individual classes not purchased as a pack are € 20 / hour

For those that are interested we also offer intensive Spanish classes:

-Intensive courses from Monday to Thursday from 10: 00-2: 00pm, we start every Monday.
16 / hours week
€ 90 / week

-Classes by skipe:

Do you want to improve your Spanish before coming to Spain? Or if you are not coming to Spain but want to learn Spanish, we offer Spanish classes via skype with a flexible schedule.

Pack 10 classes: € 150
Single lessons (not purchased as part of a pack) € 20 / hour

For students who wish to learn Spanish in Spain, and require a visa, we can help you with both the visa and accommodation.


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